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100 days to go - Emily Macaulay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Emily Macaulay

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100 days to go [Sep. 22nd, 2015|09:06 pm]
Emily Macaulay
This year, as you may have read, my fundraising challenge this year is to run the equivalent distance of Land's End to John O'Groats as the crow flies - 603miles in the 365 days of 2015. I've had some ups and downs, a couple of months when I was too poorly to run and some weeks where I have clocked significant mileage.

There are 100 days left of 2015, 100 days to run the remaining 237miles.

The 366miles I've already run this year take me to approximately 40miles South East of Glasgow. Blimey Scotland is a big place.

The reason I do these challenges is partly for the personal commitment and drive (and just a hint of self punishment). But mainly, hugely, and unwaveringly, it is about raising as much money as possible for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. I've talked a lot about the inspiration that Jane Tomlinson was, and still is, to me. I've talked a lot about how wonderful the #AppealTeam and all that work for the Appeal are. I've talked a lot about the stories of people my sponsors' money has helped, and will help. And I'm proud that over the years I've raised £20,000 for them and in her legacy name.

Sometimes I feel like my words sound so empty. Like maybe I've said them so often that they sound, at best, like a script I'm reading. Or, at worst, like a cringeworthy X-Factor style "story". Gosh, writing that has tapped into a whole other set of emotions, perhaps for another blog to work through. Regardless, it all means so much to me, however it sounds out loud.

If you'd like to support this year's fundraising effort, and I know you get asked by a lot of people for a lot of donations, but if you fancy skipping a coffee, or a pint, or a piece of cake this week and sponsoring me instead - that'd be hugely appreciated by me, but also by all those your money will help. You can donate online at www.justgiving.com/emilymacaulay2015.