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When your goal becomes that bit harder to achieve. - Emily Macaulay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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When your goal becomes that bit harder to achieve. [Nov. 26th, 2015|05:09 pm]
Emily Macaulay
My fundraising challenge this year (1 January - 31 December 2015) is to run the equivalent distance of Lands End to John O'Groats. This is 603miles. I am thrilled that with 35days to go I have hit my target. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love your donation if you've been planning to give but haven't got around to it yet :o) You can do so at www.justgiving.com/emilymacaulay2015

I've found in recent years that being "fit" and "competition ready" on a single race day is a real challenge. Things happen (usually my cancer but also including cycling into a telephone exchange box and breaking one's hand) that scupper the training plans, the day arrives and I just don't perform. So this year's challenge allowed me to have a big goal, but to do the miles as I was able. More miles when I was well and less when I wasn't.

It started off a little shaky when I was not well enough to run for pretty much all of February and March. Then just recently, since a half marathon race in October where I had great fun and did a fabulous (for me) time, I've barely run since. I thought this was largely me being a bit lazy, and it being darker, and being a bit tired.

Turns out that tired is mostly explained by my cancer being active again. It couldn't just have waited a few more weeks to get the challenge completed, it had to knock on my door again now and remind me how in control it can be. I went for a run yesterday morning. I had an incident. I don't want to say "collapse" as that is overly dramatic, but I ground to a halt and slid to the floor. Whereupon I was helped to my feet and walked home by a very kindly Tony. (Thanks Tony whoever you were). Long story short I have a suspected pleural effusion. If this is confirmed when I visit "my" consultant/hospital next week it will be drained.

I'm not allowed to run until after they've checked me out. Or to do my nightly abs exercises. This is frustrating in both the immediacy as running is an outlet for me and bigger picture that my challenge just got a whole heap harder to complete. And "alternative goals/methods" are not an option for me.

I have just under 150miles to go and no idea when I can start running again. I hope if it is a pleural effusion that it will be small (for obvious reasons). If I can run again this year then I will complete the mileage...even if it takes a marathon on Christmas Day.